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H1B visa stamping in India

H1B visa stamping in India

H1B visa stamping in India

US work/H1B visa is an employment, nonimmigrant based visa given to eligible seasonal workers. But first, you will need to be in a position of getting the US-based occupation. Besides, your employer will have to submit your US work visa petition application. This should be submitted to the US immigration department for verification and approval. On approval, this petition acts as your work permit in 1-797 form. You can now get a visa stamp and with immediate effect start working in the U.S.

H1B Visa Eligibility requirements

H1B visa stamping in India• Applicants ought to be a degree or minimum equivalent holder

• An employer ought to submit a labor condition to the Labor Department containing the terms and conditions of the contract.

• Applicant should demonstrate the ability to work in the selected occupation.

• Applicant should be coming to the US with an intention of working and not pursuing something else.

• Applicant should have at least 12 years’ work experience.

• Submit a copy of the letter you had sent to the Consular General of the Indian Consulate

Applying for H1B Visa

H1B visa application requires sponsoring form U.S. These sponsors are bound to change year in year out. Fortunately, this visa can also grant you permanent residence in the U.S.

After submitting your application, it will be approved with 15 days. However, this is a premium service that requires an additional $1,225.

As an Indian citizen, you can also apply for the H1B visa. However, there are certain requirements you will have to meet in the first place. Being a foreigner, you will be required to submit the following documents:

• Labor Certificate Approval

• Company’s Tax returns paper

• PG certificate

• Job duty and description

• Two demand drafts with $45 processing fee alongside $100 issuance fee

• 2-3 passport sized colored photos

• A copy of the letter submitted to the Justice Department

• Official Degree valuation copy

H1B stamping

This stage arrives once your H1B petition has been approved. Also, the applicant should have undergone a successful visa interview conducted by the US embassy or consulate. Once that is done your HIB visa is ready for stamping.

H1B visa stamping in India means you have an approved H1B petition. Besides it shows you are ready for visa stamping and visa interview. Below are the details needed in the H1B visa stamping process:

• Photograph Requirements

• H1B Visa Application

• H1B Visa Application Fee

• H1B Visa Interview Appointment

• H1B Visa Fingerprinting

• H1B Visa Interview Process

You need to have undergone all those stages before getting a stamped H1B visa. Failure to do so your chances of getting this visa becomes futile. During your application, ensure to follow all the required steps. Key in your details with a lot of accuracy for proper verification. When you are called up for an interview be ready to be as honest as possible.


Working in the US as a foreigner will require of you to have an H1B visa. To acquire one, you will have to meet the set threshold. As a resident of India, you stand a chance of applying for this Visa. Simply follow the laid down steps. Sooner or later you will be taking your H1B visa for stamping.

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