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India Business Visa

India Business Visa

India Business Visa

As an international business person, moving from country to country is a common practice. This is so as you intend to seize the available business opportunities. Besides, you might be considering to expand your business. This will call for an extended stay in the country of your choice. India might be one of these countries. However, you will not just get into India anyhow. You will need a business visa.

What is India Business Visa?

India Business VisaThis visa is given to business persons visiting India for business-related activities. These business trips include establishing companies or making sales in India. Such trips benefit businesses outside India with an intention of tapping into the Indian market.


Not just everyone has the right to apply for a business visa. There are set requirements a business person needs to meet while applying for an Indian business visa. Meeting these requirements gives one a chance to qualify for this much-sought visa. Therefore, it is needful for every interested person to follow the following eligibility requirements:

• Eligible applicants are person visiting India for business-related trips

• Foreigners visiting India to sell or buy commercial products

• Foreigners seeking employment in India

• Foreigners coming to India to take part in a particular project

• Foreigners coming to India for training

• Foreign students under the sponsorship of AIESEC

• Firms’ senior executives, travel agents and experts visiting India for work-related projects


There is a set period under which the business visa is considered valid. Upon expiry of the set duration, it becomes invalid. You can opt to apply for an extension or not. In India, a business visa is valid for only six months. Once these six months elapses, you will be required to depart from India. Fortunately for, business persons considering forming joint business ventures while in India can access multiple entry Business Visas. These visas are valid for utmost ten years. They will grant such business persons to set up their joint ventures.

Usually, the business visa’s duration begins on the date of issuance. This should clear any rumors that people have on the business visa duration beginning on your entry date to India.

Visa Extension

A business person can apply for a business extension once the 6 months elapses. A business extension is applicable to a business visa issued for utmost five years. Once the set duration expires, a business person will be allowed to apply for an extension which does not exceed five years. However, the extension will be given out as per the following requirements:

• The first business extension is issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs

• An additional extension is provided by state governments/FROs/FRRS/UT administrations. It is provided on a yearly basis with a requirement of good conduct.

• The foreigner’s business turnover/gross sales should be at least Rs.1 crore every year within the first two years.

• Foreign business persons will be required to leave the country when the business visa extension is denied.


An international business person needs to have a business visa. It provides sufficient time in a foreign country while taking part in business ventures.

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