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How Long does it take to get a visa to India?

How Long does it take to get a visa to India?

How Long does it take to get a visa to India?

India poses as not only a tourist destination but also a business hub. It has long since attracted a lot of people around the world. However, everyone wishing to visit India needs a visa. A visa will allow you to enter and stay in India. It also confirms the duration you are expected to stay in India. Upon expiry of this duration, you will be expected to vacate the country. In case you have some unfinished business, you can apply for a visa extension. However, it is important to know that strict conditions are attached to it.
Eligibility for a Visa in India
The Indian immigration authority has a set of characters of people eligible for a visa. Below is a list of persons eligible for an Indian Visa:

• Business persons on a business trip to India.

• Foreign spouses to Indian nationals

• Tourists coming into India

• Senior executives coming into India for Conferences

• Students sponsored by AIESEC

• Trainees out to gain further skills in India

Application for a visa

How Long does it take to get a visa to India?Before knowing how long does it take to get a visa to India, it is vital to learn the application process. It is a process every visitor to India is subjected through. Applying for an Indian Visa has become easier. The online visa application system has made it possible for visitors to apply and get visas in a short period of time.

To begin, access the online visa application website . While there you will get a visa application form. In this application you ought to put in the following details:

• Two signatures

• Key in answers for every field

• Your email addresses

• Visa validity

• Name as it appears on your passport

• Your Passport

This application process comes at a fee. There is a set fee you will be required to pay after filling in the necessary details. This fee varies from one visa type to another. It ranges from $13-$113.As a foreigner, you will have to pay the quoted fee depending on the visa you applied for.

After filling your application form and paying the quoted fee it is time to submit your application. You can cross check to ensure you have keyed the right information before submitting. This is important to minimize the chances of your application being rejected. When you are sure you have used accurate details, submit your application. Usually, the visa is sent via email from where you will be expected to print it.


Your visa application will be subjected to processing. This will take 5-7 working days. Once the processing is done you will receive your Visa via email. So, it takes at least 5 days for you to get an Indian visa after submitting your application.


After applying for an Indian Visa, the next thing is to wait patiently. Fortunately, with India, it does not take a long time to receive your visa. Especially when you apply it online. The processing takes only 5-7 days and there you will have your visa. However, ensure you meet all the requirements before applying for that visa.

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