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Entry visa India

Entry visa India

Entry visa India

A Visa works as a permit to get into a particular country and be legally accepted to stay there. Every country takes issuance of Visas with all the seriousness it deserves. It prevents entry of prohibited people into the country.

India is one of the countries which highly regard the issuance of Visas. It offers several of them which have various requirements and freedom.

Entry visa India

Entry Visa is one of them. This type of visa is issued specifically to Persons with an Indian origin. Also, spouses married to Indian Nationals qualify for this Visa.

– The validity of Entry Visa

Dependent or spouses of foreign nationals can enjoy the benefits that come from Entry Visa. However, these people should be coming to India for the following reasons:

Entry visa India• Education that is applicable to students

• Business

• Employment Research

As long as these foreigners are coming to India for the above reasons, then they can apply for an entry visa.

However, this visa comes with a duration which upon elapsing it becomes invalid. Once you have acquired this visa you are free to get into India.

– Entry points

After getting your entry visa, you just do not get into India anyhow. There are designated routes which you are expected to use. Holders of entry visa India are expected to use designated immigration checkpoints like Sea ports and Airport.

Upon arriving at these places, they will be checked and their documentation verified. After the immigration officials have verified the essential documents without finding any defect, they will be allowed into the country.

– Fees

Entry Visa varies depending on its intended purposes. But the fee range is from $13-$113.Depending on your agenda in India your Visa will come with a varied payable fee.

– Application Process

Get Visa to India

Visitors coming into India are expected to complete an online entry visa application process. They are to visit to complete an online application process.

On completion and payment of the quoted fee, they will have to print it alongside other essential travel documents.

– Required documents

• Marriage certificates for spouses

• Birth certificates alongside patent Indian passport

• Prove to have a relationship with the Principal Visa owner

• 6-month valid passport

• Passport photocopy

• Printout of an online filled application form

• Passport size photos


Entry Visas gives visitors permission to get into the country they may be visiting. However, it does not come very easily.

There is a criterion of qualifying for one. You will need to provide the required documents during your application process. Also, you will have to meet the set rules and regulations.

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