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Indian Visa photo requirements

Indian Visa photo requirements

Indian Visa photo requirements

What Are the Requirements for An Indian Visa Photograph?

Indian Visa photo requirementsEvery year, thousands of Visa applications are rejected because of bad photos. The problem could come from your own mistakes or from the studio that you pay to take your Visa photo. That is why it is very important to know professional studios that specialize on Visa photographs.

When applying for an Indian Visa, it is very important that you get it right with all the photo requirements. Otherwise, your application will not go through, and you will have to repeat the whole process again. To avoid this, we have put together a guide for you.

Here are the Indian Visa photo requirements you need to follow

Photo Dimensions

It should be a passport sized photograph measuring 50 mm x 50 mm or 2 inches x 2 inches. This measurement should always be exact. The distance between the top of your head (crown) to the chin should be 25 to 35 mm. The same applies to the eye height in the photo; 25 to 35 mm.


Your facial expression should be natural, not dull or sad. Try not to smile while taking a Visa photograph. Your eyes should be open, and the face facing right ahead in a balanced position. Babies who are 12 months or younger don’t need to have their eyes open, so don’t worry about having him/her awake in the studio.


Indian Visa photo requirements have it that the background should be plain and light colored. There should not be any shadows either on the face or on the background.

Head Covering

Unless it is for a religious purpose, do not have a head covering while taking an Indian Visa photograph. If you must have your head covered, then make sure that the covering doesn’t obscure any part of your face.

Things To Avoid

Since a Visa photograph will be used on an official document, don’t alter your appearance on it. Make sure you look as natural as possible. If you feel you don’t look good on the photo, let the studio know. Professional studios are able to perform basic makeovers that won’t necessarily alter the appearance of your photo. Just don’t do it yourself.

Additionally, try not to have your glasses on when taking the photo. If you cannot find a good studio for your Indian visa photograph, call the airport and check if there is one onsite. Studios that are located in or around the airport are usually well informed about Indian Visa photo requirements.

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